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Apartment Buildings Solution

Are you sure that you pay your real utility consumption? It could be, there is also your neighbours‘ consumption involved in your bill, though neither you nor them might know of it. Do you have chance to control your water consumption continuously? Are you sure that you pay only for your own heat consumption, that you are not heating also your neighbours?

If at least one of your answers to above given question was I’M NOT SURE, it is time to find out about the benefits of the on-line energy and heat monitoring.  You will get an effective tool, that delivers accurate data and helps you to disclose all the failures and break-downs to avoid large damages. In addition, it will help to find areas where you can save energy consumption.

TO SAVE does not mean to switch the heating off, use the candlelight or take the bath once a week
TO SAVE = TO MEASURE, regularly, preferably continuously.

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Shopping And Business Centers – Cost Allocation In Two Mouse-Clicks

Don’t want to spent too much time with costs allocation among the lessees? Want to have fair and equitable billing and tenants satisfied with it? This is the effective tool for you to do so.
This system has been developed in collaboration with the  Forum shopping center in Liberec and is therefore built to reflect the real needs and requirements of administrators whose responsibility is to control costs as well as energy and service cost allocation and billing.

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Energy Management for Public Services

Every single saved kWh or GJ leads to reducing environmental burdens and thus improves the living conditions in cities, towns and villages. It is therefore in the public interest to actively look for ways to not only save energy, but especially to avoid wasting it.

The CEM (Central Energy Management) monitor can reveal how the energy, water and heat is consumed in the municipal properties and becomes an important source of information. You will:

  • get an overview of energy management in individual public buildings
  • quickly discover water leaks and wastage of energy
  • be able to plan mandatory spending on energy, water and heat according to your budget.
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Comprehensive Solution for Logistic Parks and Industrial Areas

Thanks to the long-time collaboration  with one of the world leaders in logistics, the CEM Business system is adjusted to cover the highest claims of the clients. It provides the most detailed overviews of energy consumption, analyses, reports and records for costs allocation among the individual lessees. And last but not least, the CEM Businees has been upgraded with Tariff module – i.e. the users can see their consumption also in the real currency (CZK, EUR).

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Smart Metering – Water, Electricity, Gas, Heat

CEM Smart is a tool for the direct control and monitoring using the on-line metering. It is intended for all utility suppliers and local (regional) distribution network operators. You can easily control the utility supply and consumption thanks to the smart metering. CEM Smart helps you to analyze the distribution network situation; it provides you with information about the meter malfunctions, leakages, break-downs to prevent large financial and material demages. In addition, we newly launched Tariff module to display the consumptions in the real currency (CZK, EUR).

CEM Smart is suitable also for the consumers, because as they see their consumption continuously in real time, they can control the consumption more effectively.

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