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Do you need to monitor the industrial area, have an overview of your city, be sure that your technologies are working properly? Do you need to know consumption, temperatures, humidity or monitor the leakage of hazardous gases?

All this can be ensured very quickly, cheaply and with high reliability using

NB IoT technology.

Use NB IoT radio modules in your solutions.

(Narrow Band Internet of Things) is part of mobile networks. It can also be referred to as 4.5G technology. NB IoT modules are characterized by a much higher sensitivity of the receiver, which is around -128 dB. Low consumption and the system of communication with the mobile network create preconditions for data collection from meters and sensors from large areas. It offers extensive possibilities for use in industry in the field of water, gas and electricity distribution networks, or monitoring of large technological units.

The possibilities of connecting various sensors temperature, humidity, pressure, gas leak detection and all possible sensors with analog output are very wide. Battery powered provides the possibility of quick and inexpensive installation. The modules can be operated for up to 10 years without the need to replace the battery.

Why use NB IoT technology?

How to use NB IoT SOFTLINK modules?

/ High reliability due to operationin the networks of mobile operators
/ Almost 100% signal coverage throughoutterritorial state, 20% higher than the signal coveragefor mobile phones
/ Easy and fast installation, anywherewithout the need to connect to the mains
/ Favorable price of the solution in comparisonwith fixed network installations (NB IoT module pays offwith cable length longer than 20 m

/ In combination with other IoT technology in the band 868 MHz Wireless MBUS work like GateWay with the possibility of communicating up to 20 RF modules – for example water meters, RTN (heating distributorscosts), thermometers or hygrometers
/ NB IoT technology can also be used for data collectionfrom large areas, industrial areas, municipalities, cities or logistics parks
/ Readings of water meters, electricity meters, gas meters, various analogsensors


which works is reliable and affordable

from 7 EUR / year


We will show you the SOFTLINK NB IoT modules in practice, you will get them


/ technical support during installation

/ every 10th module for free

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