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NB-SI2 is used for sensing the status of consumption meters with pulse output (water meters, electricity meters, gas meters …), or two-state sensors (security contacts, alarm detectors, electronic seals …) and for radio transmission of information about the status of connected devices to the remote control system reading via the NB-IoT services of the GSM mobile service operator.

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Product Description

The NB-SI2 module can be used to remotely read one or two consumption meters with a pulse output, or to monitor the status of two two-state sensors. A combination of both uses is also possible.

When used for remote reading of consumption meters (water meters, gas meters, electricity meters, calorimeters), two consumption meters with standard pulse output (“SI”) can be connected to the module, which can be of different types, with different units and conversion constants. The module continuously reads the pulses generated by the consumption meters into internal counters, converts them to the required output values ​​based on preset multiplication / division constants and transmits current data on the status of consumption meters at regular intervals in the form of NB-IoT radio messages.

When used for remote monitoring of the status of sensors (door contacts, flood sensors, fire sensors, electronic seals …), two two-state sensors (sensors) with contact output can be connected to the module, which can be of different types and with different signaling logic. The module detects any change in the state of the sensor output contact and immediately sends an alarm message to the superior data acquisition system. The module also stores information about the status of the input to the internal counter and sends information about the current status of the connected sensors as part of regular information messages.

Module features:

The NB-SI2 module is enclosed in a moisture-resistant plastic box (IP65 protection) and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The box is adapted for mounting on a wall or on any structural element (beam, pipe …). The module can be equipped with additional protection against moisture (up to IP68) by encapsulation with silicone filling with high adhesion. If this adjustment is required from the manufacturer, it must be ordered with a special order code.

The modules are supplied either in IP65 design (resistant to short-term splashing water) or with an additional seal with silicone filling with high adhesion, which guarantees resistance to water flooding (degree of protection IP68). Modules already fitted with a silicone seal at the factory have an IP68 degree of protection on the nameplate (for example: “NB-SI2 / B13 / IP68”). The price of this module is on request.



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