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pulse converter WB169-SI4-B13

169,40 with TAX

The WB169-SI4-B13 module is intended for remote reading of consumption meters with a standard “SI” pulse output and two-state sensors with a contact or binary output. The module has an IP65 degree of protection and is suitable for installation in an outdoor environment.

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Product Description


The WB169-SI4-B13 module is designed for remote reading of consumption meters (water meters, gas meters, electricity meters, calorimeters), which are equipped with a standard pulse output, commonly used in measuring energy and media consumption (“SI” type output) and monitoring the status of two-state sensors, such as door contacts, flood sensors, or electronic seals. The module has four inputs to which up to four consumption meters or sensors can be connected. Consumption meters can be of different types, with different units and conversion constants. The module continuously reads the pulses generated by the consumption meter into internal counters, based on preset multiplication / division constants converts them to the required consumption output units (m3, kWh, MJ, etc.) and sends current data on the consumption meter plan in the form of Wireless M protocol radio messages. -BUS. When using the external synchronization function, the sending time of regular radio messages is controlled by external synchronization pulses. This function is intended mainly for the use of the module in the power industry, where it is possible to send data based on synchronization signals from the HDO system.

The module is equipped with alarm functions “Leak” and “Burst”, which allow to detect small leaks of water or gas from the pipeline (“Leak” function), or pipe rupture (“Burst” function). These functions are mainly intended for the use of the module in the water and gas industries.

The module can be used for remote monitoring of the status of sensors (door contacts, flood sensors, fire sensors, electronic seals, etc.) with mechanical contact output, reed relay, solid state relay (SSR), or transistor with open collector. Up to four two-state sensors of different types and with different signaling logic can be connected to the module. The module detects changes in the status of the sensor output contact, stores records of changes in the internal counter, and immediately sends alarm messages about the change in status.

Messages from the module can be received using a communication gateway type WB169-RFE / RFG / RFW, or any receiving device according to the Wireless M-Bus standard for the 169 MHz band. If the module is set to operate in bidirectional communication mode N2, it can receive setting messages from the superior system or device “Master”, on the basis of which it is possible to remotely adjust its transmission power and transmission period, or make settings for individual inputs.

The module with a transmitting power of 500 mW is powered by an internal battery with a capacity of 13 Ah.



Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
power supply

baterie 13 Ah


4x SI


500 mW




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