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WM868-MDB – Radio adapter for watermeter ONE-TRP1 Maddalena

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WACO system radio adapter for Maddalena CD ONE TRP home water meter.

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Product Description

WACO system radio adapter for Maddalena CD ONE TRP home water meter. It is used for sensing the status of the water meter and for radio transmission of water meter readings via the WACO radio network. The module is adapted for mounting on the body of the water meter and is equipped with a magnetic sensor of rotation of the measuring wheel of the water meter with the possibility of reverse detection. The current speed counter data is transmitted by the module via radio messages, either on request (via the “Wake-On Radio” system) or automatically at a set time interval. The message with the value of the current state of the water meter also contains the system time of the module, the battery voltage and the processor temperature.

The transmitted messages are further transmitted via the WACO network to communication gateways of the type WM868-RFU (WACO USB Gateway), WM868-RFE (WACO Ethernet Gateway), or WM868-RFG (WACO GSM Gateway), where they are converted from radio format to communication format via serial line (WM868-RFU), suitable for processing by a local computer, or for communication format over a computer network (WM868-RFE / RFG), suitable for processing by a remote computer.

Alternatively, messages with consumption data can be transmitted to the so-called “collection unit” of the WACO system, which collects data from WM868-SI / SA / SISA and WM868-TI / TE modules in the WACO radio network, converting the collected data into standard M bus protocol messages -BUS and their further transmission in M-BUS format via the physical bus or in the virtual WACO bus.

The module with a transmitting power of 10 mW is powered by an internal battery with a capacity of 3.6 Ah, which allows it to work for at least 5 years with a reading period of 30 minutes and longer.

The modules are equipped with a “Wake-On-Radio” system, which allows communication to be initiated on demand (outside the set interval). With a special radio message (“WOR-packet”), the modules can be immediately switched to the active state and current data on the water meter status can be requested. This mode can be used to obtain instant information using the walk-through reading method (WALK-BY system), or to perform remote diagnostics and configuration of modules via the radio network.


Additional information



battery 3,6 Ah




10 mW


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