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The WM868-SJ-R2-LP-H modules (hereinafter “collection units”) are designed to collect data from battery-powered modules that operate in the active communication mode, which means that to save batteries, they are not permanently “on reception”, but they transmit data actively, at set intervals, or spontaneously, based on an alarm event. The bus unit captures messages from the battery modules and stores them in its memory so that it can be transmitted in passive mode (on request) to the master of the master M-Bus. The bus unit therefore converts the communication mode from active to bus (passive) and at the same time converts the data format from WACO to M-Bus. Through the collection unit, devices with a pulse output, analog output, or wireless thermometers or hygrometers of the WACO system can also be connected to the virtual bus so that they appear to the bus master as a device with an M-Bus data output.

The WM868-SJ-R2-LP-H module is equipped with a physical RS-232 interface. The module is part of the WACO bus system. It is used for data collection from consumption meters, sensors and sensors of the WACO system and data conversion into the M-Bus communication protocol format.

The module with a transmitting power of 25 mW requires power supply from an external 24V source. The module is adapted for mounting on a DIN-rail and is designed for indoor use (IP-20 protection).

Moduly nachází nejčastější uplatnění v aplikacích sběrnicových systémů typu M-Bus, které se v širokém měřítku využívají zejména v oblasti dálkového odečítání měřičů spotřeby („metering“, „smart metering“).

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external DC 24 V




25 mW


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