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Energy Management System is a tool for the steady building operation optimization –  achieving energy savings and better work organization.  The utility management covers a large comprehensive scale of activities that are significant in strategy or competitive ability of an organization.

Information necessary for the Energy Management

  • Type of building, year of establishment, range of technical demands for the object rebuilding, investment costs
  • Heating energy consumption  
  •  Power consumption
  • Fuel prices
  • Technical condition of distribution system
  • Operating costs
  • Number of persons and the operation time of the building (object)


We offer an independent comprehensive consultancy in the energy management area. First we need to do a basic analysis of the current state of your utility management, review the current prices of the energy distribution, then we will work out new possible steps to achieve an improvement. We carry out one-time total annual operating expense statements. On the basis of that, you will get to know the real state of the building energy management and you will see if there is a possibility to cut down the costs or if there is no need to make changes. We can evaluate the rate of return of the chosen solution to your real building operation. Each building needs a specific solution – it might not work in your building what works at your neighbours and vice versa.



There are specialists in our team from various areas – environmental technics (heating systems, air-conditioning systems, air protection), civil engineering (Metering And Regulating). To cover extensive projects we also cooperate with leading independent specialists – members of the academic staff.  We participate actively in comment procedures of statutary instruments concerning energy efficiency rating of buildings.