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Designed for companies that own or operate buildings to lease with central energy or other media supply the CEM Business is a system for monitoring water and energy consumption and performing cost allocation. Typical customers of the CEM Business are owners, operators or managers of shopping centers, office buildings and logistics facilities.

Main Application Features


The possibility to monitor consumption in real-time with short intervals of meter readings allows you to perform a comprehensive analysis of the building and user behavior in terms of energy and water consumption. Such analysis often reveals incorrectly set control systems or waste of energy due to improper use of appliances, IT systems, food refrigerators, etc. They also help to uncover technological energy and water supply system failures.


The applied technology allows for online energy and water consumption meter readings. Meter readings take place in short intervals of 15-60 minutes. The number of meters in a building is not technologically limited. The system uses radio waves of 868 MHz and 169 MHz.


Utility costs allocation among residents/tenants can be done in monthly periods or at your chosen arbitrary intervals. The added value of the CEM system lies in its quality of cost allocation, timeliness and independence upon Excel tables. Just improve the efficiency and performance of your team.

The CEM Business system provides operators with the following basic functions:

  • enables permanent control over the operation of a facility in order to minimize the damage caused by accidents and losses;
  • provides facility operators and individual tenants with up-to-date energy and media consumption data that can be used as a basis for your investigation about how to reduce costs;
  • provides system operators with readily available and reliable data for cost allocation in order to improve the quality of billing and to shorten the billing cycle;
  • provides quality, credible and detailed evidence that can be used to resolve any ambiguities and disputes over payments.

Records of any building parameters used for cost allocation (floor space, number of people, individual tenant rental duration, etc.) are also stored within the costs allocation system. For utility costs allocation among residents/tenants many commonly used algorithms can be used such as:

  • ratio allocation according to parameters of rented buildings (for example by floor space);
  • ratio allocation measured by consumption within a rented building;
  • ratio allocation set by a fixed percentage rate;
  • direct invoicing of operating costs in the form of a fixed fee or a fee derived on basis of floor space, number of people, etc.;
  • direct invoicing of operating costs based on a tariff system (for licensed distributors or energy and media retailers).

The system supports multistep separation of cost allocation combining all of the above algorithms. Billing may be performed in an arbitrarily long billing period with one day accuracy. The CEM Business system supports language localization with the support for various currencies and tax rates. It works on the principle of the central application accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet (the “cloud solution “), the integral part of which is the effective management of user rights, automatic reporting and data archiving. The CEM Business system also incorporates the “CEM Mobile” mobile application, which allows authorized users to view on their mobile phones up-to-date data about their energy and media consumption.

This system has been developed in collaboration with the  Forum shopping center in Liberec and is therefore built to reflect the real needs and requirements of administrators whose responsibility is to control costs as well as energy and service cost allocation and billing.

The 4 CEM BUSINESS is currently used by several shopping centers in Prague, Ostrava, Usti nad Labem, Cheb, but also in the Slovak Republic. Moreover, it is used by logistic sites along the D1 highway, in the surroundings of Prague, Rudná, in Moravia, etc.

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