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The WB169-SI4 module is designed for remote reading of consumption meters (water meters, gas meters, electricity meters or calorimeters, which are equipped with a standard pulse output, commonly used in energy and media energy metering (SI output). The module is equipped with four SI inputs, which can be connected to up to four consumption meters of various types, various units and conversion constants. The module continuously performs readings of the consumption meter generated pulses into the internal counters, converts them to the desired output units of consumption, based on the preset multiplication (m3 , KWh, MJ, etc.), and sends the measurement data in the form of Wireless M-BUS radio messages (“information message”).

Each information message contains the following types of data:

  • module identification
  • the values ​​of all four internal counters at the time of sending
  • Module operating data (internal battery voltage, processor temperature, etc.)

WB169-SI4 modules with IP68 protection and optical configuration have now been added to the 169 MHz Module Production Series.
Customers can choose from two types (depending on battery size):
WB169-SI4-B13 / IP68 with 13 Ah battery
WB169-SI4-B5 / IP68 with 5.8 Ah battery

Module WB169-SI2-EX is primary set for remote reading of gasmeters with impulse output.